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By Complete Foot & Ankle Care
May 01, 2015
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Did you know that more than half the women in America suffer from bunions? Often caused by wearing tight, narrow shoes, bunions are physically characterized by enlarged big toes (metatarsophalangeal joint) that stick out. The skin on them is also often red and sensitive.

At Complete Foot & Ankle Care, Dr. Thomas Neuman, D.P.M., offers lasting podiatric treatments for patients suffering from uncomfortable and intrusive bunion formations along their feet. That's because he offers patients many non-surgical solutions, like protective pads that bring comfort to the affected areas, and offers wisdom that his patients can carry home with them.

Untreated Bunion Discomfort

If you already have bunions, you may realize that wearing any shoes - even ones with more room near the toes - can cause some discomfort when you step forward and your feet brush up against the insides of the shoes. If you don't have bunions yet but are at risk for getting them, simply avoiding wearing ill-fitting shoes can help prevent bunion onset. Otherwise, bunions can become bursitis when left untreated.

Also, untreated bunions can place additional pressure on surrounding foot structures, including neighboring toes. Once your second toe is pushed out of alignment by your big toe, your middle toe may be pushed out of alignment, and this can continue with the rest of the toes. Eventually, bunions can become so severe that walking on them at all becomes a chore; arthritis development is another common side effect.

Surgical Bunion Treatments

Bunion surgery (bunionectomy) involves the realignment of the bone, ligaments, tendons and nerves in and around their big toe. This brings it the toe back into position, so you can start to walk in comfort again.

Bunion surgery is often simple, and can be performed with minimal time in the hospital. Swelling and stiffness is often present immediately following surgery.

Your bunions don't have to keep you down. Give Dr. Neuman a call today at (818) 885-8400 or (661) 945-3628 and discover lasting podiatrist relief right here in Lancaster and Northridge, CA!